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Waiver of Liability


This is a legal document between the client “the renter” and “Little Explorers” which affects your legal rights, so please read carefully. “Equipment” refers to both the Soft Play items as well as safety gates, soft mats, sign, and/or other rental items listed by Little Explorers. The renter desires to rent Equipment from Little Explorers, to be used by the renter, his/her guests, invites, or other individuals while in the renter’s possession. The renter understands that the use of this equipment may, by its nature cause injury or harm to the renter, his/her guests, invites, or other individuals.


  1. This release discharges Little Explorers from any liability or claim that the renter may have against Little Explorers AND AFFILIATES with respect to any; bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result from the renter’s use and possession of Little Explorers equipment. The renter does hereby release and forever discharges and holds harmless Little Explorers and its successors and refrains from any and all liability claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from the renter’s possession and use of Little Explorers equipment.

  2. Renter agrees to fully ‘prepare’ their venue before Little Explorers arrives for Play Zone setup. Please refer to our FAQ page under “How do I Prepare my Play Area”. The renter understands that failure to do so may result in setup taking longer than the planned setup time, cutting into their scheduled rental time.

  3. Renter is responsible for following the rules and safety procedures mentioned by Little Explorers in order to protect the equipment and provide a safe environment for me, my guests, and any other individuals who will have access to Little Explorers equipment while it is in my possession.

  4. If the equipment is returned in an extremely dirty condition or if there is any damaged or stolen soft play equipment, the renter will be charged the cost of repair or replacement.

  5. Renter acknowledges the risks involved in Little Explorers play areas. These include but are not limited to; CHOKING HAZARDS, FALLING, BREAKING ETC. while in use. The renter understands that all participation is voluntary, and all risks have been made clear to the renter

  6. Renter agrees to release, defend, not sue and hold harmless Little Explorers, their principals, officers, owners, employees, and equipment manufacturers from any claims, damages, (including medical fees, and attorney fees). Injuries (including disabilities, paralysis, and death) and expenses arising out of or resulting from my voluntary attendance/ participation at Little Explorers.

10. Renter has read and agreed to the Safety Procedures/ Rules, Weather, andCancelation Policies listed below




  • Soft Play Zones are designed for children under 5 years ONLY

  • Children must be supervised by an adult (18+ yrs) at all times. If an adult needs to step into the play area for any reason, we ask that they remove their shoes and not sit on the play items, as they have a weight limit. 

  • All sharp objects must be removed before entering

  • NO Shoes or sharp toe/fingernails in play areas

  • NO food, drinks, sweets, or gum allowed in the play area

  • NO equipment should be removed from within the play area

  • NO running, diving, shoving, pushing, wrestling, piling, or rough play in the play area.

  • No paint stain/ mess-prone (i.e., glitter, slime, messy arty, temporary tattoos, face painting, etc.) in Play Areas. 

  • Renter WILL PROVIDE a way for children to clean up before entering a Play Area (i.e: wet wipes/damp cloths)

  • DO NOT enter if you are pregnant or have physical problems




High temperatures heat up our equipment faster than you think!! Hot equipment can cause burns on your little one’s skin and overall, does not provide a safe or fun environment. If you are booking during a warm season; please plan an indoor area as a backup should it exceed 85°F on the day of your event.

Any chance of rain on your date, as little as 1%,  will require the play zone to be indoors. If you are booking during the rainy season; please plan an indoor area as a backup should it rain on the day of your event.




We understand that emergencies will happen and your event may need to be canceled. We ask for a 7-day notice of cancelation in order to receive a refund of the deposit. Any Cancelation made less than 7 days before your event date will result in the loss of your full payment.




Contact us at for questions related to our policies

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